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Elin Falguera (Sweden)

Elin Falguera (Sweden)

Acting Senior Programme Manager, Political Parties team, International IDEA

Elin Falguera is the Project Manager of International IDEA’s global project on political finance.

She is the creator of the 2012 International IDEA Political Finance Database and the editor and co-author of several works on political finance including: Funding of Political Parties and Election Campaigns: a Handbook on Political Finance, International IDEA (2014); Funding of political parties and elections: getting the system right in Commonwealth Governance Handbook (2014/15); Political Finance Regulations Around the World, International IDEA (2012); Regulating Political Party Financing: some insights from the praxis, International IDEA and NIMD (2012).

In addition to researching and writing about the impact of money on politics, Elin Falguera has assisted legal and regulatory reform through legal advice and/or via capacity building workshops in countries such as Myanmar, Bhutan and Sweden.

She has been a speaker on the topic of Money in Politics during numerous international forums and is a regular commentator on political finance in national and international media.

She holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden