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Olga Macujeva

Olga Macujeva

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau Senior Officer of the Division of Control of Political Parties Financing.

She has 12 years experience in Control of Political Parties Financing. The Division she works for checks if a political party has received an illegal donation, violated limitations of financing (for example third party mediation in donating to a party), violated limitations of the pre-election expenditure amounts, and makes audit of annual financial declaration and election income and expenditure declaration.

Since 2003 O.Macujeva was member of the commissions responsible for analysing and preparing amendments done on Law On Financing of Political Organizations (Parties), Pre-election Campaign Law, Latvian Administrative Violations Code and Cabinet rules regarding this sector. As well she was member of the commission responsible for preparing guidelines of supervision of political parties financing in Latvia.

As an expert she participated in IPA 2010 TWINNING LIGHT PROJECT “Strengthening the system of supervision of political activities and electoral campaign financing” (Croatia) in 2014.