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Natalia Iuras

Natalia Iuras

Director, Center for Continuous Electoral Trainings and Research

Natalia Iuras, director of the Center for Continuous Electoral Trainings by the CEC Moldova (CCET), is an educator, speaker & author – specializing in elections. As the director of the CCET, Natalia created a modern, dynamic, innovative regional learning Center targeting all electoral stakeholders, counting nearly 40.000 beneficiaries worldwide. As an educator, she contributed to the development of nearly 1.000 individuals from over 7 countries. As a speaker, Natalia has shared her insights with audiences worldwide through panel presentations & workshops. As an author, she published research papers & articles that lead to reforming one of the most sensitive areas in political science – political finance. She has over 10 years of professional experience with well-known international non-governmental organizations and businesses in the EE region; broad experience in leadership, strategy & sustainability; fundraising & project management; policy analysis & lobbying. She is a graduate from ASEM; USM and in 2009 received her EMBA from IEDC- Bled School of Management, an executive education center based in the Slovene Alps.